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Crisis update: Internally displaced people and ongoing conflict in Afghanistan

October 16, 2015

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On Monday 12 October, the Start Fund was alerted by Concern, Save the Children, Islamic Relief, Handicap International, Action Aid and Care to the surge in violence and resulting displacement of people in Northeast Afghanistan. Hostilities began in the region on 28 September with attacks by the Taliban in Kunduz city and later in Maimana. Afghan forces have reportedly now regained control of most of Kunduz, but fighting continues in and around the city. Following the bombing of Kunduz hospital, run by MSF, US forces on 3 October, health services in the region are very limited. No other humanitarian organisations are operating in Kunduz city.

As a result of the ongoing conflict, approximately 16,000 families are displaced in Kunduz, Takhar, Balkh, Baghlan and Badakhsan provinces and in Kabul, and are in need of immediate assistance.

72 hours after being alerted the Start Fund’s project selection committee, which met in Kabul (with some participants joining virtually), awarded £440,000 to Christian Aid, Concern, Handicap International and Save the Children. Christian Aid and Handicap International will respond in Kunduz city reaching 4,200 and 1,500 beneficiaries respectively. Concern will respond in Takhar province reaching 6,372 beneficiaries. Save the Children will respond in Takhar province, Balkh province and Kunduz city reaching 5,055 beneficiaries.

Read more about this crisis in the ACAPS briefing note.

About the Start Fund
The Start Fund releases funds within 72 hours of being alerted and projects are implemented within 45 days. The Fund provides fast and early responses to crises, filling a critical gap in availability of humanitarian funds through traditional sources.

Summaries of each crisis response above will be available following completion of the projects.

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