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Videos and other materials from Start: Working differently now available online

June 19, 2014

Start: Working differently 2014 took place last week, a bold and experimental series of events to launch a number of new governance mechanisms for the Start Network.

Since the end of the CBHA pilot in 2012 the consortium members worked to improve and re-launch the projects that were tested, re-imagining the work streams to ensure that they could better meet the needs of crisis affected populations. Early this year donor funding of up to £56 million was secured, providing the Start Network with the support to begin realising these ideas.

Start: Working Differently marked an important step in this journey. The week saw the first Donor Forum, where current and potential donors were invited to review the performance of the Start Fund since its launch on April 1st, and strategise about the future of the Network. It also included the first Assembly and Network Board meetings, the groups who will from now on take care of oversight and management. And at the heart of the week was the first Start Network Annual Conference, where member agencies were joined by external stakeholders, making use of an innovative voting system to challenge and agree motions for the Network’s development.

We also hosted the second ‘Future of NGOs’ debate and invited ignite speakers to challenge the audience to think about innovative approaches to humanitarian action.

Video clips of the speeches from the Annual Conference and Future of NGOs evening event are now available on our YouTube channel, and you can download the presentation slides via our resources page.

A day-by-day round up of events is available on our blog.

We will also shortly be sharing a full report of the week, as well as a video that captures the story of the Start Network up until this crucial point. Check back soon for more details.